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  • Accession Number:AKM571
  • Place:Egypt
  • Dimensions:225 x 49 x 5 cm
  • Date:15th century
  • Materials and Technique:Marble and stone mosaic

Typical of the decorative approach to stone, this triple-arched wall panel uses the natural variety of stone colours to produce intricate polychrome compositions. Different stones and marble were cut according to the desired design, here forming a star-and-hexagon mosaic with knot-like interlace on the end spandrels. The stone mosaic was then fixed together with a layer of plaster applied to its back, turning it into a single panel easily fitted onto a wall or used as an arcade. This panel would have decorated a reception room in a residential building in Egypt or Syria of the Mamluk period (1250–1517) where arched panels, similar to this one, separated the central hall with its gushing fountain from the two raised reception areas that flanked it.


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