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50 Years of Migration
January 24–February 5, 2023
Lower-level tunnel (access from parking garage or Atrium)

Commemorating over 50 years of immigration of Shi'a Imami Ismaili Muslims to Canada.

Located in the lower-level tunnel, this free exhibition commemorates over 50 years of immigration of Shi’a Imami Ismaili Muslims to Canada, the people for which His Highness the Aga Khan serves as spiritual leader. The travelling exhibition showcases the courage and resilience of the countless Ismaili Muslims who fled their homelands in search of refuge elsewhere, sharing their stories on what fleeing their homes and settling in Canada has meant to them. 


Immerse yourself in hundreds of family photographs, first-hand accounts, historical documents, and personal interviews that explore the events in East Africa in the early 1970s that led to the first mass immigration of over 6,000 Ismaili Muslims to Canada. The exhibition also explores recent immigration stories of other Ismaili newcomers from Syria, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, India, Pakistan, and beyond.


50 Years of Migration is presented by the Aga Khan Council for Canada in collaboration with award-winning Canadian artist Aquil Virani. After its debut at the Aga Khan Museum, the exhibition will tour Jamatkhanas (places of Ismaili communion and prayer) and Ismaili community spaces across Canada.


Click here for more insight into the inspiration behind the exhibition from Creative Director Aquil Virani. 



About Aquil Virani


Aquil Virani is a self-taught Canadian visual artist who was born in Vancouver, raised in Surrey, and is now based in Toronto. He makes socially conscious art that involves audience participation and uses art as a tool for social change.


Virani was appointed as the Creative Director for this exhibition after serving as the artist-in-residence at the Canadian Museum of Immigration this past year. He led the research, conceptual development, graphic design and audio editing of this exhibition.


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