Dakh Daughters


Dakh Daughters

Date: Sunday, April 30, 2023, 7 pm
Price: $50 regular, $45 Friends, $37.50 students and seniors
Includes same-day Museum admission

Join us for an exhilarating theatrical experience unlike any you’ve seen before. Seven actresses armed with a full set of strings, keyboards, percussion, and vocals create a spellbinding performance that breaks the walls of everyday music. Ukraine-based Dakh Daughters are known for creating an atmosphere of a French saloon where intense moments of roaring anger swiftly give way to tender scenes of love and beauty. Imagine Mireille Mathieu befriending Marilyn Manson, and you have Dakh Daughters.


“They are genuinely original – mixing classical minimalism with passionate Ukrainian folk and a touch of ‘freak cabaret’, delivered with punk energy. As far as lyrics go, they also have an original approach: essentially sampling words from the most inspiring and relevant places they know." The Guardian



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Experience the captivating sounds of Kalendar before the show from 6:15–6:45 pm. 

Formed in late 2013, Kalendar aims to extend the ancient singing traditions of rural Ukraine to a contemporary cross-cultural urban practice. Taking time to study with great performers such as Marichka Marcyk and Dakha Brakha, the five singers of Kalendar embrace the stylistic details of “Ridnyj Holos” and perform around Canada. Whether it be an elaborate stage performance or a folkloric collaboration with Kosa Kolektiv, according to Ukie Daily, Kalendar’s performances are known to “transplant you deep into a rural Ukrainian village.” 


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