Refugee in the Sea by Tarek Ghriri


Refugee in the Sea by Tarek Ghriri

Date: Saturday, April 22, 8 pm
Price: $45 Regular, $40.50 Friends, $35 Students and Seniors
Tickets include same-day Museum admission.

Immerse yourself in flamenco guitarist Tarek Ghriri's personal journey with a sonic reflection of his experiences and the collective struggles of the countless Syrians who journeyed across the Mediterranean Sea in search of safety and refuge.


Premiering for the first time, Refugee By the Sea is a seven-track album composed by Ghriri that explores themes of heartbreak and love, their connection to freedom, and the search for cultural identity. Journey through India, the Middle East, and Spain in an immersive performance that blends flamenco and Arabic music and incorporates flamenco dance as well as visual art by renowned Syrian artist Diala Brisly. 


In addition to the live performance, the show will feature a short screening of a film directed by Amer Barzawi that documents the making of the album and includes interviews with contributing artists.


About Tarek Ghriri


With over 20 years of music industry experience, Tarek Ghriri is a Syrian-Canadian flamenco and fretless guitarist with Palestinian roots. His passion for blending traditional Arabic and flamenco music began in Syria. Ghriri has performed at festivals and in shows in Syria, Lebanon, and Canada and has shared his unique sound on several television and radio programs. 


Ghriri founded and now leads the Flamenco Arabia project, performs and co-produces مَسير (Massyr), and is the lead producer of دْيَار (Diar). In addition to performing and teaching, his belief in the healing power of music led him to Music From Hope, where he has been using music to help children cope with the stress and trauma of war and displacement since 2016.



Tarek Ghriri - Guitar
Julian Berg  - Guitar
Nour Kdn - Percussion
Max Senitt    - Percussion
Manar Naeem -Oud
Illarra Riyad - Arabic vocal
Gina Tantalo - Spanish Vocal
Claudia Calú Aguirre -Dance
George Crotty - Cello
Will Lamoureux  - Violin
Peter Eratostene  - Bass


Guests artists

Indian Vocal - Nishat khair
Sitar - Preshit Kamdar
Indian Tabla - Anita Katakkar


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