Generating creativity and the sharing of ideas, artists perform, collaborate, create, and inspire audiences through a season-long program that includes Showcase Performances, classes and workshops, films, panel discussions, lectures, and even public jam sessions.

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Photo by Janet Kimber


Aga Khan Museum is proud to present a season of outstanding live performances featuring local, national, and international artists. From music to dance to spoken word, theatre, and multidisciplinary arts, Showcase Performances introduce audiences to unique collaborations of new sights and sounds.

Upcoming Performances


Guest artists are invited to collaborate, create, teach, learn, and present in short-term residencies at the Aga Khan Museum. While in residence, artists may participate in panel discussions and lecture demonstrations; take part in the Hive Jam Sessions with local artists; and conduct workshops and classes either with children or adults. All residencies culminate in Showcase Performances.


The Aga Khan Museum’s Education and Scholarly Programs and Performing Arts Departments jointly present live performances tailored for school audiences. These musical encounters between artists and students introduce new vocabularies and contexts, broadening students’ understanding of the world and its cultures.


Recognizing their dual status as art forms and as means of communication, the Aga Khan Museum includes film and new media as an important part of public programming. The Museum’s 350-seat Auditorium provides an optimal viewing experience with its large screen and state-of-the-art sound system.


Aga Khan Museum presents The Hive Jam Sessions, opportunities for the public and local artists to improvise with visiting showcase artists and artists-in-residence. The Hive Jam Sessions — whose name was inspired by the hexagonal shape of the Museum’s auditorium — encourage cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary collaborations.



The Teacher-Student relationship is critical for the transmission of knowledge and tradition within live arts. The Aga Khan Museum offers senior students opportunities to work with selected artists showcased at the Museum. Visitors are welcome to attend featured sessions.