Summer Camp 2024

Special Programming

Summer Camp 2024

Date: July 2 to August 9, 2024
Five-day week: $300 ($270 Sibling Discount), $270 Friends and Patrons ($243 Sibling Discount)
Four-day week: $240 ($216 Sibling Discount), $216 Friends and Patrons ($194.40 Sibling Discount)
All prices are per weekly session.

Summer Camp is back with an exciting program filled with art and exploration! 


Inspired by the Museum's upcoming exhibition, Light: Visionary Perspectives, campers ages 6–12 will embark on creative adventures, fueling their imagination as they experiment with different mediums to create their own masterpieces and make new friends along the way. 


Junior (ages 6-8) and Senior (ages 9-12) Summer Camp sessions run weekly for six weeks, starting July 2.


Weekly Themes

Each week will feature a new theme. Activities may be subject to change.


Junior Camp (Ages 6–8)


Week 1 | July 2–5
The Symbolism of Light

Campers will create various pieces, such as stained-glass art and tissue paper lanterns. Campers will also reflect on what brings light to their own lives.




Week 2 | July 8–12
Light and Science

Campers will experiment with science and light by engaging in cyanotype printing, shadow art, paper maché, and glow-in-the-dark painting.




Week 3 | July 15–19
Light and Optics

Campers will construct their own optical illusions and learn about exciting concepts, such as iridescence through art. Campers will also engage in photography and experiment with colour mixing.




Week 4 | July 22–26
Light and Architecture

Campers will have a chance to create buildings and tessellations in addition to engaging in symmetrical shadow art. Campers will also reflect on how light is used within the Museum space.




Week 5 | July 29–August 2
Light in Art

Campers will be able to create art that explores negative space and monochromatic light. Campers will also experiment with silhouettes and consider how light might be used in the artmaking process.




Week 6 | August 6–9 (four-day camp week)
Light in Literature and Poetry 

Campers will focus on Jamelie Hassan’s piece to explore light in literature and poetry. They will create their own light-themed poems and shadow puppets, and consider how light often represents celebration as they reflect on the contrast between light and dark through their art pieces.




Senior Camp (Ages 9–12)


Week 1 | July 2–5 (four-day camp week)
Light and the Natural World

Creating pieces inspired by naturally occurring light — both on Earth and beyond — campers will use a variety of mediums such as paint, coloured sand, and ice to visually demonstrate both concrete and abstract representations of natural light. 




Week 2 | July 8–12
Light and Reflection

Exploring the theme of light and reflection will challenge campers to think of reflections around them as well as within them. Campers will have the opportunity to play with various sources of light and mirrors, creating artwork such as jigsaw puzzles, painted mirror selfies, gradient painting, and anamorphic art.




Week 3 | July 15–19
A Window to the World

Pulling inspiration from the movement of light through windows, campers will leave this week with their own reflective creations such as window stickers, stained glass-inspired art, and night lights. 




Week 4 | July 22–26
Light and Shadows

Exploring the balance between light and the absence of it, campers will learn about artwork by Anila Qayyum Agha. They will get to exercise their creativity through shadow puppetry, collages, shadow art, and exploring solar energy.




Week 5 | July 29–August 2
Light: Through a Lens

This week’s theme allows campers to explore light through a lens and consider perspective through various viewpoints. Drawing on inspiration from Ala Ebtekar's piece, campers will play with light through mediums such as photos and photography, cyanotypes, and fabric art.




Week 6 | August 6–9 (four-day camp week)
Light in Art and Architecture

Exploring the use of light, campers will engage in projects inspired by the Aga Khan Museum's architecture. Through building design challenges, art inspired by objects in our Permanent Collection, and monochromatic paintings, campers will observe, create, and reflect on human interactions with light all around us. 




Daily Schedule

8:45 am | Drop-off**
9 am | Camp Day begins
10:30 am | Snack break (15 mins)
12 pm | Lunch break (1 hour)*
2:30 pm | Snack break (15 mins)
3:45 pm | Pick-up (please present ID for pick up)**
4 pm | Camp day ends — no extended care available


Important information: 

*Lunch is not provided. Campers are encouraged to bring their own along with two snacks.
**Drop-off is between 8:45 and 9 am, and pick-up is between 3:45 and 4 pm. Extended care is not available. 15-minute parking is free during drop-off and pick-up only. 


Have questions? Please email us at


Light: Visionary Perspectives

June 28, 2024–March 17, 2025


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